Augusta Cecconi-Bates

Photo by Ruth Putter

ESSENCES OF THE NORTHCOUNTRY is a musical tribute to the Tug Hill Plateau-its people, flora, fauna and weather* Commissioned by the Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust.
ESSENCES was recorded by members of the Utica Symphony, the group which premiered in on Nov. 29, 2001 under the baton on Maestro Charles Schneider. Maestro Schneider then nominated ESSENCES for a Pulitzer Prize in music for 2002. The composition pays homage to the Old Time Fiddlers of the Tug Hill- the Composer wrote a fiddle tune for them and incorporated it in the 4th movement. Augusta commissioned the poet Mark L. Pierce to write descriptions for each movement.
TUG HILL SUITE was originally written in 1976 and won first prize at Vermont Music and Arts Center. The composer's poetic descriptions precede each movement. Cecconi-Bates holds degrees from Syracuse University and an honorary doctorate.  She has a portfolio of some 200 works ranging from choral to vocal solos,
Instrumental works for solo instruments to several concert band and orchestra works. Her compositions have had performances at Weill Hall (little Carnegie hall) in New York City. Her larger works have been performed by the Chicago Symphonic Wind Ensemble under Maestro L.V. Byczek. Several works have had performances in Italy and Austria.
A prior CD includes WILLIE WAS DIFFERENT (text by Norman Rockwell) and other works recorded and performed by the CSWE. Her works are in publication by Ludwig Music of Cleveland, OH
N.B. Augusta has gratefully dedicated this CD to the memory of her teacher and friend, the composer Brian Israel (1951-1986)
* Tug Hill Plateau is a geographic area in the western foothills of the Adirondacks, roughly between the Black River and Oneida Lake. This region a jewel of nature, experiences the U.S.'s greatest annual snowfall east of the Rockies.